Here are some answers to some of the questions I most often get asked.

What are your rates?

This is obviously the first question a lot of people ask.  The reason my rates are not posted online is because every project is different, and has different needs. For example, a hip hop track with only a few vocals and a beat takes a lot less time than a pop track that has 30-40 elements.  To get a price for your project, fill out a quote form or feel free to send me an email at  

Do you do mastering as well?

The best way for your music to sound amazing is to have it mixed and mastered by 2 separate engineers. Mixing is my craft, and it's all I focus on. I have a great list of mastering engineers that I can recommend at various price points. The only scenario where I offer to do mastering is in situations where there is very little budget for it, or the client is going to use an automated mastering service, in which case I do it merely to save the quality of the final product.

Why choose Echo Mixing?

It's the best way to get an amazing mix with a short turnaround time and have an enjoyable experience.  I love making clients happy and helping them finish their music. Often times getting your music mixed can be stressful.  You've poured yourself into writing the material and/or producing it, and now the only think standing between your songs and release is getting them mixed and mastered. I'm here to help your music over that barrier as quickly and easily as possible. My promise to you is that you'll love how your music sounds, and hopefully we can continue to work together. The majority of my clientele is repeat customers, and the only way you accomplish that is by always going above and beyond to help your clients succeed.


Want to get to know each other or talk about your project? Rather talk over email? Totally up to you. Click the button below and you'll be able to choose between sending me a message, booking a call, or filling out a quote form. 

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