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Nashville, TN


Sync Credits - Echo Mixing

Are you an independent or alternative artist looking to achieve a distinctive and memorable sound? I’ve got you covered.

I understand the unique needs of indie/alt artists, and I’m dedicated to helping you bring your vision to fruition. 

My mixing style is not conservative whatsoever. Mixing can't just be "making it sound good" because that's not going to make your music stand out in the modern climate. 

Whatever the emotion your song is trying to invoke needs to be capitalized on, and done so in a big way. When someone hears your track on Discover Weekly does it get their attention or are they just going to skip before they can give your lyrics and melodies a chance? 

Think about your favorite alternative records and how they sound. Not smooth and silky. They're robust, sometimes rough around the edges. Yet they RESONATE. All the lo-fi effects, modulation, all the imperfections somehow are what makes it amazing. Nostalgia is one of the biggest emotions I strive to invoke with my mixes, using retro effects and techniques.

Great mixing is about more than just technical proficiency. I want to take the time to understand your music, your vision, and your goals, and work closely with you to ensure that your final product accurately reflects your artistic identity.

100,000+ songs are uploaded to Spotify everyday. Your songs need to sound not just good, but GREAT to stand out among the noise. That takes a talented mixing and mastering engineer dedicated to your genre, and invested in your success.

Interested in working together? Get in touch today and let’s start getting the most out of the music you’ve already put so much into.

Mix Engineer Nashville

"Great service, great attitude, great ears."

Alejandro Medina, Producer



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