I help Indie/Alt artists find their sound and grow their audience.

Is your music getting the attention it deserves?

I work with independent artists who know how to write and produce great music, but could use some help with the “last 10%”

Plenty of great music ends up underperforming for a host of different reasons, most of which have to do with the last few steps pre-release.  This includes everything from the mixing stage through planning a release strategy. 

How I help artists:

ASSESSMENT | Consultation on where your song(s) are at and what it needs (if anything) before mixing.

MIXING | Maximizing your music's emotional impact and making it sound pro. My mixing style is very focussed on enhancing vibe by adding subtle retro colors.

MASTERING | Recommending a mastering engineer based on your music and budget

MARKETING | Giving you the tools to build an effective release strategy that will grow your following and help your music reach a wider audience

Working on a single, album, or EP?

Tell me a bit about your project - I'll send you an in-depth breakdown of what I can offer, along with a price quote. 

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What people say about working with me

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— Anna Graceman 


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"I so enjoy working with Jonathan! Over the past year, he and I have done 12 songs together. He has great communication and an amazing skill set. He mixes thoughtfully and technically, bringing out the best in each song. Definitely look forward to working with him again in the future!"

— Jake Say 


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Overall, my experience dealing with Echo Mixing was amazing. Throughout the process, the communication was excellent, and Jon really made me feel involved in the process. He was very perceptive to my wishes and helped to educate me about mixing and mastering as we went along. Upon hearing the final product, I was very impressed, and he was able to make it sound better than I could have imagined. I will continue to use Echo Mixing for all my future projects!

"Jonathan is brilliant! He's quick and very skilled when doing his job! He has great sensibility towards music. I've been searching for a professional like him for years: responsive, kind, cooperative and an expert! The mix sounds great and well balanced. I can't wait to work with him again!"

— Breno N.


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"Working with Jonathan was awesome, extremely professional and extremely talented. Looking forward to more projects in the future!"

— Jamie Saylor


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"Great service, great attitude, great ears."

— Alejandro Medina


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